10 Essential Tips to Maintain Your Wood-Fired Hot Tub

Maintain your wood-fired hot tub with ease using these detailed and practical tips. With proper care, your hot tub will remain in excellent condition, providing relaxation and numerous health benefits. By following these guidelines, you’ll ensure a consistently enjoyable hot tub experience.

Wood-Fired Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

  1. Plan ahead: To make the heating process efficient, it’s important to plan the time it takes to heat your hot tub. Aim for 1-2 hours in the summer when the ambient temperature is higher, and 3-4 hours in winter, as the colder weather may require more time to reach the desired temperature. Planning will ensure that you have ample time to enjoy your hot tub experience without any unnecessary delays.
  2. Prepare firewood in advance: Stock up on seasoned firewood to ensure a steady supply for heating your hot tub. Dry, seasoned firewood will burn more efficiently, providing consistent heat and reducing the risk of creosote buildup in your hot tub’s chimney. This preparation will also save you time and effort when it comes to heating your hot tub.
  3. Fill and maintain water: Keep the water in your hot tub clean by using a quality water treatment system or appropriate chemicals. Check the water level regularly, as too little or too much water can lead to poor performance or even damage. Clean filters and water lines periodically to prevent clogs and maintain optimal water flow. Use organic cleaners when necessary to avoid harmful chemical residue and cover your hot tub when not in use to protect it from debris and weather.
  4. Monitor water levels: Check the water level weekly to maintain a safe level for your hot tub’s components and optimal performance. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could damage your hot tub’s surfaces or components. Keep the surrounding area clear of debris, such as leaves, which can block air flow and cause fluctuations in water levels. If you notice any signs of water leakage, close off the opening and contact a professional to fix the issue. Regular monitoring will help prevent potential damage and maintain the overall safety and efficiency of your hot tub.
  5. Start with tinder and kindling: Properly ignite the fire for efficient heating and to prolong the lifespan of your hot tub. Use small, dry pieces of tinder and kindling to create a strong, initial flame that can then be sustained with larger pieces of firewood. This method will ensure a more controlled and efficient burning process, reducing the amount of smoke and soot produced, which can ultimately extend the life of your hot tub’s components.
  6. Use medium-sized firewood: Regularly clean and dry your firewood to reduce the risk of mold and mildew, which can negatively impact the performance of your hot tub. Choose the right burning medium, such as hardwood, pine, or cedar, based on your preferences and availability. Avoid overcrowding the hot tub, as it can lead to uneven heating and an uncomfortable experience. Limit the number of users to 8-10 people maximum. Allow the water to cool down naturally. Keep an eye on your water level and top up as needed, being careful not to use excessive water pressure when filling your spa.
  7. Maintain heat placement: Ensure your wood is seasoned properly; otherwise, the fire may not ignite, and you’ll need to put in extra effort. Monitor the heat to prevent it from getting too hot or too cold, as this can damage your hot tub. Empty and clean the water basin after each use to prevent
  8. build-up and reduce the amount of maintenance needed in the future. Rotate seasonings, such as different woods, herbs, and spices, to keep things interesting and add variety to your hot tub experience. Check for leaks regularly, as any sign of moisture getting into the system should be addressed immediately. This will help prevent damage to your hot tub and ensure it remains in great condition for years to come.
  9. Check the temperature: Heat the water to a comfortable temperature before entering the hot tub, typically between 100-104°F (38-40°C). Check for any leaks or necessary repairs before soaking. Remove any ice or snow on the roof before entering, as falling debris can damage your hot tub. Keep an eye out for weeds or other plants that could grow into or along the edges of your property and into the hot tub, as these should be removed regularly. Regularly clean all surfaces around the hot tub with warm soapy water, which will help keep algae at bay and protect your spa’s finishing from becoming tarnished.

Wooden Hot Tub Base and Location Tips

Choose a suitable location for your hot tub that is optimal for wood burning and will ensure the best performance. The location should be on level ground with good drainage, and away from any overhanging trees or plants that may fall into the hot tub or create an obstruction. Consider a high or dry climate, as this will promote efficient heating and reduce the risk of damage to your hot tub. Additionally, perform regular maintenance, such as checking for leaks and cracks, and adding wood-burning elements, such as rocks or herbs, for variety.

Prepare for Hot Tub Delivery

Preparing for your hot tub delivery is essential for a successful installation. Ensure all landscaping is finished and cleared away, shut off all electrical cords leading to the hot tub area, and open windows in the home so the wind can blow out any debris. Sweep or vacuum all surfaces inside and outside of the hot tub, and check for moss or algae buildup on metal parts like spa tubes, valves, filter media, and connectors. If necessary, clean these prior to the delivery team’s arrival. Finally, make sure your yard is well-illuminated with a few bright lights to show the delivery drivers where everything is.

Benefits of Integrated Wood-Fired Heaters

Integrated wood-fired heaters offer better efficiency and effectiveness than traditional hot tubs. These heaters use a unique combination of fire, air, and water to create an even temperature throughout the tub, preventing hotspots that can lead to fungal overgrowth or other problems. The heated water is circulated constantly, which keeps it at a consistent temperature, eliminating the need for towels. A wood-fired hot tub from a reputable manufacturer, like Cedar Tubs, is the perfect solution for a relaxing soak after a long day or a way to get your workout in.


Maintaining your wood-fired hot tub is essential for relaxation, enjoyment, and overall well-being. Follow these detailed tips to keep your hot tub in peak condition, ensuring a consistently enjoyable experience. By taking the time to properly care for your hot tub, you’ll be able to relax and unwind in a beautiful and functional oasis that will provide years of joy and relaxation.

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