A Guide to Heating Your Wood-Fired Hot Tub – Tips and Tricks

Embracing the primitive allure of a wood-fired hot tub, you invite a communion with the basic elements of nature. The alluring warmth of flames, the rhythmic crackling of firewood…there’s something intrinsically calming about this scene, an experience some might say outmatches the convenience of a simple button press.

While you might be seasoned in the art of fire-tending, optimizing your wood-fired hot tub’s heating process might still require some guidance. So, let’s delve into some handy tips and a step-by-step guide on effectively heating your hot tub.

Pacing the Heat: Strategic Planning

The first step involves setting a suitable time for your relaxing soak. Keep in mind, heating the water usually takes 1-2 hours during summer and around 3–4 hours in winter.

The time invested in stoking the fire is, indeed, quicker and more cost-effective than its electric counterpart, all while allowing you to appreciate the fire-tending process.

Preparing the Fuel: Procure Firewood in Advance

Proper planning of your firewood supply for your wood-fired hot tub is key. Dry firewood is essential to avoid a smoky mess. Aim to maintain an equal mix of hardwood (like oak or beech) and softwood (pine, fir etc.) to ensure a well-balanced fire.

Filling Up: Ensure Adequate Water Levels

Start filling your tub with water as you prepare the firewood. Stop when the water level is about 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 cm) below the top edge of the tub.

Always ensure that the water level is above the minimum fill level when you light the heater. Also, keep the water in the tub until the embers have completely cooled down after your bath. Safety first!

Once filled, place the tub’s lid to aid faster heating. You can periodically check the water temperature, leaving a floating thermometer for easy monitoring.

Ignition: From Tinder to Firewood

Light the fire using small tinder and kindling. While firelighters can be used if needed, burning paper should be avoided as the resultant ash and chips could escape through the chimney, potentially dirtying your bathwater.

Initially, use softwood to fuel the fire.

Heat Up: Moderate-Sized Firewood for Warming Water

Resist the temptation to pile on large logs right at the beginning, as this can slow down the heating process. Instead, use moderate-sized firewood to gradually warm up the water.

Maintaining the Heat: Large Firewood for Stable Temperature

Once the water reaches a comfortable 37–39°C, maintain this temperature by adding larger pieces of hardwood to the fire. Hardwood burns slower, hence helping maintain a consistent temperature.

Balancing Act: Regulate the Temperature

If the water gets too hot, simply open the hot tub’s lid and add some cold water to bring the temperature down to your comfort level.

By following these 8 simple steps, you’ll master the technique of efficiently heating your wood-fired hot tub. So, look forward to many delightful dips and the joy of lowered utility costs with our range of wood-fired hot tubs equipped with built-in heaters.

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